Learn how to create beautiful looking, responsive static websites using the powerful combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap Framework.

TechnologiesHTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript & Bootstrap
Duration8 Weeks


Concepts of Website Design

  • How a website works on a web server
  • Setting up web server on local machine
  • Concepts of url, domain and hosting
  • What are different types of web design
  • Concepts of UI and UX

HTML Elements, Attributes & CSS Properties

  • Understanding of mostly used HTML tags and CSS properties
  • Different combinations of CSS properties
  • Defining classes and id with CSS
  • Understanding of how and when to use which properties

Build Complex Web Pages with HTML & CSS

  • Concepts of DIV, Sections and other HTML Elements
  • Design complex web pages with popups, animations and other advanced concepts
  • How to easily manage a big web page

Introduction to Responsive Web Design & Bootstrap Framework

  • Concepts of responsive and mobile first design
  • What is Bootstrap and why do we use it
  • How to test a website is responsive
  • How to make a non-responsive website to responsive
  • Advanced Bootstrap concepts like Grid System, Modals, Accordian, Navbar, etc.

Write Media Queries

  • Concept of media queries, viewport and breakpoints
  • How to make a website responsive with custom CSS
  • How to write complex media queries for multiple devices

Basics of On-Site Search Engine Optimization

  • What is SEO and why it is important
  • Concepts of meta tags
  • How to make your code W3C Validated

Basic concepts of JavaScript & JQuery

  • Writing functions with JavaScript
  • Write custom scripts using JavaScript
  • What is JQuery and why do we use it
  • Understanding of JQuery Components of Bootstrap

Client-side Scripting with JavaScript & JQuery

  • Basic introduction to web services
  • Basic introduction of JSON objects
  • Basic introduction of how to call a web service using JavaScript

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